The World Korean Business Convention (WKBC) will be hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center from October 11th to the 14th. This conference is unique to the US, let alone the region, as this is the first time the Korean Alliance is coming here to do their event. In their 21st year, they wanted to take it abroad for the first time in the US.

The Korean Chamber of Commerce won the bid for this Convention to be held here in Orange County. The open bid to host the WKBC was competed for nationally.

“The City of Fullerton took this opportunity to create partnerships and market the city from a regional and local perspective. Participants from the city will work to increase global investment opportunities here and to attract more economic development in the region,” said Economic Development Director Sue Thomas.

“The city encouraged all of our local businesses to attend, whether to expand or attract new businesses,” said Thomas, “This is a great opportunity to experience. I believe it’s like $50, but SDC also has free tickets that they are offering as well.”

Neighboring cities Garden Grove, Orange, Anaheim, and others will host a breakfast. The city will do marketing materials, host a tour of Fullerton, and be a part of the pavilion of networking and learning who’s, what type of industries are there, and find a good fit for Fullerton.

In terms of budget, the Economic Development Fund spent around $11,000.


Since its inception in 2002, The World Korean Business Convention has grown exponentially, with 968 participants from 28 countries. It has become the most prominent Korean business convention globally, with an average of approximately 3,000 participants from around 60 countries annually.

The WKBC mission is to create an impactful event as a vital platform for small to mid-sized Korean businesses to enter the global marketplace and foster connections between domestic and overseas enterprises. As Korean culture continues to captivate the world through K-pop, K-food, K-drama, and K-movies, 2023, WKBC is poised to ride the K-wave and make a lasting impact in Orange County and throughout the USA.

Source October 5, 2023