The 21st World Korean Business Convention (WKBC), which has garnered attention as it is being held overseas for the first time, opened the interest of Korean businesspeople from around the world.

Organized by the Overseas Koreans Agency and the Korean American Chamber of Commerce, USA, this event is taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center for four days from the 11th. The event boasts participation from over 6,000 individuals, including major corporations such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, POSCO, E-Mart, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, overseas Korean businesses, and mainstream companies, making it the largest WKBC ever.

The number of participating companies has grown sixfold compared to the 968 participants in the first event in 2002.

The North Hall 1st and 2nd floors of the convention center feature 650 booths from various Korean provincial government-based companies, Korea Federation of SMEs, and the Small Business Administration (SBA), engaging in product promotion and business consultations.

The business exhibition opening ceremony was held in the central square of the convention center in the morning, where successful event progress was wished upon, and a large brush calligraphy performance titled 'Economic Growth, One Market Opening' was presented by artist Lee Mu-ho.

Following this, Chairman Lee Key-Cheol of Overseas Koreans Agency, WKBC Organization Committee Chairman Hwang Byung-gu, WKBC Event Committee Chairman Ha Kee-Whan, KBIZ President Kim Ki-moon, WJVC Venue Chairman Roh Sean, and local government officials such as Governor Lee Cheol-woo of Gyeongbuk, Governor Park Wan-soo of Gyeongnam, Governor Kim Gwan-young of Jeonbuk, Governor Oh Young-hoon of Jeju, and Mayor Yoo Jung-bok of Incheon attended and cut the tape.

Chairman Lee Key-Cheol of Overseas Koreans Agency said, "WKBC, which has emerged as a key project for overseas expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises and connecting overseas Korean businesses since the establishment of the Overseas Koreans Agency, is expected to play a role as a global business hub and create substantial results rather than just formality." He added, "Since this is the first overseas event, there may be many variables, but this event is expected to be a stepping stone for determining future improvements and directions."

Chairman Hwang Byung-gu of the WKBC Organizing Committee said, "Through WKBC, the goal is for excellent Korean products to enter the U.S. market. Even if there are no direct results, having hope for the possibility of entering the U.S. market is meaningful." He expressed gratitude, saying, "The initial budget was $4.9 million, but it increased to $6 million as the size of the event grew. We were able to have a successful opening thanks to the sponsorship and $500,000 booth investment by KISS Beauty."

Chairman Ha Ki-hwan said, "Holding the 21st convention in the U.S., especially in Orange County, is significant. I hope it becomes a platform for networking among businesspeople and a mecca for Korean businesses, as befitting the largest-ever event. I thank the hard work of the Organizing Committee staff who prepared for this."

From today (12th) to tomorrow (13th), various seminars on U.S. market strategies and innovation industry trends will be held, and business consultation meetings will also take place.

Venture investment forums and startup pitching competitions for startup companies will also be held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. today and tomorrow.

Starting at 7 p.m. tomorrow, the WKBC K-Music Festival, featuring boy group T.A.N, Luna, Danny Jung, and BYE BYE SEA will be held for three hours in the arena.

WKBC Venue Chairman Sean Roh said, "There has been a great response with over 10,000 online viewers. One-on-one consultations and investment forums are also available, and over 400 people from the U.S. are participating, planning to conduct more than 1,000 business consultations." He called for the participation of many Koreans. Additional information about the convention schedule can be found on the website (

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