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KLIV Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of enhancing shower experiences with their innovative Coolang Dual Filtration Shower Head. Prioritizing cleanliness and safety, the Coolang Shower Head features a dual filtration system that removes impurities and chlorine, ensuring every shower is refreshing and r..
KMPC (Korean Miracle People Corporation) is a manufacturer based in South Korea that specializes in producing environmentally friendly household chemical products. They offer a diverse range of approximately 50 products, including household multi-purpose cleaners, capsule laundry detergents, liquid ..
Korea Post Service Agency has remained unwavering in its commitment to public welfare for over three decades. Its journey began in 1986, a pivotal time when farmers faced the challenges of expanding domestic markets due to the opening of agricultural and fisheries product imports during the Uruguay ..
Company ProfileFor more than 30 years, the KORUS Orchid Corporation has grown orchids. Since 1996, KORUS Orchids has been acknowledged by the Korean government as the leading Korean provider in the orchid sector. Each year, KORUS Orchids grows and sells 1 million fresh, exquisite orchids.Customers a..
As a manufacturer of kitchen utensils,Logoscraft is a high quality product, sophisticated design,They are striving to be the number one brand in the Korean kitchenappliances market by giving great satisfaction to differentiated marketing...
Maum Market is a monthly marketplace located at ROW DTLA featuring 60+ AAPI artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs local to Southern California. Their main goal is to help Asian-owned small businesses by giving them a platform to introduce new ideas and connect with an interested audience in person. ..
Miro, driven by the mission to safeguard children afflicted with pediatric asthma, is dedicated to crafting products designed for universal use. With a vision rooted in enhancing daily life, Miro addresses the shortcomings faced in routine experiences.Prioritizing usability for both children and par..
In 1985, the journey of mpacplus commenced with the establishment of Daesang Tech. situated in Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. The company specialized in the production of vinyl adhesive products, serving as an OEM manufacturer. In 2002, mpacplus identified an environmental issue related to fishing ..
Established in 1946, MUNGYO KYOJAI CO has been a dedicated producer of over 100 high-quality products catering to schoolchildren, students, and artists for nearly 80 years. Their commitment to ongoing product development is unwavering.The name '문교' (MUNGYO) is synonymous with chalk, chalkboards, and..
Puzzle Gallery Korea, also known as PG Korea, has been actively involved in the manufacturing and distribution of puzzles since 2020. They specialize in exporting various types of puzzles, including jigsaw puzzles, children's puzzles, large puzzles, slide puzzles, high-level wood puzzles, and three-..
Pourmon provides a range of products that elevate the quality of life. Pourmon is here to accompany you in achieving a comfortable and enjoyable life...
With its etymology rooted in "Quoss," deriving from "Ubiquitous & Essence," the company is committed to intensifying its efforts in the development, production, and marketing of bidet products that contribute to customer well-being. Driven by unwavering confidence and a deep understanding, the c..
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