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Healthcare & Medical Services

A Virtual, founded by CEO Tae-jun in 2020, is a specialized company that focuses on air sterilization platforms utilizing nano materials. With a clear aim to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, A Virtual swiftly introduced air sterilization products to the market. Since then, the ..
Add Able is a domestic respiratory medical device startup that specializes in providing data-based customized respiratory rehabilitation solutions. In their commitment to addressing societal challenges in the fields of rehabilitation and medical care, Add Able seeks collective growth while developin..
American Supplement Manufacturing (ASM) operates as a contract manufacturer of vitamins and nutritional supplements, situated in Buena Park, California. They boast a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, enabling the creation of unique, personalized products. ASM's mission is to enhance the well..
Andong Medical Group is located in the city of Andong, which is the location of the North-Gyeongsang provincial Office. As A flagship hospital in the North-Gyeongsang province, they strive to provide excellent medical quality, friendly service, advanced medical equipment, and a pleasant environment ..
BioTen Co., Ltd. is a specialized biotechnology research and development company focused on the origination, development, and validation of soluble functional substances that enhance the absorption and duration of drugs, based on the evolving medical system.With accumulated technology since its esta..
Bluereo Co., Ltd is driven by a powerful ethos centered on considering others and their unique needs. This philosophy fuels their innovative spirit, inspiring them to create unprecedented solutions. The company's journey began with a simple idea that blossomed into something profound.Their inspirati..
Buheung Medical Co., Ltd. is a well-known medical and health equipment manufacturer, recognized for its professionalism and dedication to improving human well-being. Established in December 1980, the company has been committed to promoting a healthy and happy life for individuals.Driven by this visi..
DKI Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated technology development company specializing in digital healthcare, AI, IoT and security domains. With a wealth of successful development experience and unique technology, the company creates and provides professional solutions and service systems. Committed to..
Bizinsight offers medical and healthcare services to Korean residents abroad, expatriates, international students, and overseas travelers. Their comprehensive range of services is particularly valuable for individuals facing challenges in navigating unfamiliar local medical systems or residing in ar..
Gachon University Gil Medical Center is a prominent institution renowned for its comprehensive health screening services. With a commitment to wellness and preventive care, the center offers a range of health screening options tailored to meet individual needs. Leveraging cutting-edge medical techno..
Han Life Science is a company that focuses on human health and happiness by providing cell-based health therapy solutions, services, and commercial products. They have developed their own advanced, differentiated, and patented technologies.One of their notable products is the FDA approved AAWESOME l..
HL Science is a dedicated company focused on developing bio-healthcare products that have a positive impact on humanity. Their research primarily revolves around studying natural raw materials, with a particular emphasis on utilizing the benefits of pomegranate functional raw materials.The company e..
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