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12CM stands as a pioneering force in the global market, leading the way as a premier Online to Offline (O2O) and Fintech technology provider. Leveraging the groundbreaking Echoss Platform, the company empowers a diverse range of commerce and marketing service models.At the core of 12CM's innovation ..
AIZEN is a leading fintech company that is revolutionizing financial services in Vietnam and Indonesia through its AI-based banking-as-a-service platform. As the only Korean fintech company recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as a trustworthy AI company, AIZEN is driving innovati..
ArtygenSpace revolutionizes industrial processes by incorporating augmented reality (AR) technology. The company focuses on practical training, streamlining maintenance procedures, and optimizing overall productivity through this innovation.Blending user experience (UX) with AR, ArtygenSpace pioneer..
Awesomepia envisions a digital world where advanced ICT technologies like Data, Networks, AI, and Blockchain come together through XR (Extended Reality) - an evolution of VR/AR.The company is dedicated to developing an inventive virtual tourism platform and products that offer a fusion of metaverse ..
Beaunex, founded by Haeng-Woon Park, specializes in assigning digital codes to analog objects and providing O2O solutions for diverse business fields. They focus on creating smart objects and innovative services, utilizing AI technology to develop user-friendly home care beauty devices that analyze ..
Bigfun, Inc. is an animation company with 15 years of experience in the industry. It specializes in creating a wide range of content, including V series animation, educational materials, advertising videos, feature-length cartoons, and webtoons based on CGI animation production technology. In 2019, ..
BitGlim is a leading company offering an array of services for art and visual content. Their Content Management Service (CMS) enables remote management of display devices, along with a vast content library of over 40,000 digital artworks. BitGlim's AI Curation leverages advanced technology to recomm..
CCLEMANG, in a world inundated with advertisements and information, understands the need for a unique perspective and professional marketing strategy to thrive in the competitive business landscape. They don't just seek customer satisfaction but aim to delight.With a team of versatile experts, CCLEM..
CNS company is a manufacturer specializing in ophthalmic optics integrated with AI technology, aspires to become a leading technology-oriented company. They achieve this goal through the development of a diverse range of products in areas such as medical, leisure sports, life safety, and special pur..
"CORNERS" is a visionary company driven by a steadfast commitment to empowering safety in workers' well-being, environmental preservation, and facility security. With an unwavering focus on growth and a positive mindset, "CORNERS" is dedicated to delivering safety intelligence on a global scale.Foun..
Founded in 2007, CS Sharing has established itself as a prominent player in the customer support industry. With extensive outsourcing experience across various sectors, including credit cards, insurance, education, and electronics, the company has collaborated with over 100 major corporations. Drawi..
CSLEE is a leading company specializing in Big Data and AI solutions. With a strong foundation in data expertise and a wealth of diverse experiences, CSLEE offers a comprehensive range of services, from Big Data ISP to specialized Big Data analysis.One of CSLEE's flagship offerings is their cutting-..
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