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Company ProfileBinex is a Freight Forwarding, 3PL & VMI Service Provider, Customs Broker, Interstate Trucking Broker–One Stop Logistics Solution–established in 1995, now positioning in 20 strategic locations in USA, Canada, and Mexico, providing high quality and comprehensive worldwide logistics..
BANF's iSensor System utilizes distance-adapted power technology to comprehensively monitor tire conditions while vehicles are in motion. This system provides real-time tire sensing and analysis, enabling fleet operators to optimize tire performance and detect defects early on...
Day Star Global, a privately owned full-service Customs Broker and International Freight Forwarder, was founded with a vision and aspiration to establish a significant presence in the import and export industry. Day Star Global collaborates with businesses across the globe, offering innovative logis..
Inpack Global Corporation, originally established as Inpack Korea in September 2001, embarked on its journey in the export packaging industry with the mission of delivering creative and innovative packaging solutions to domestic export businesses. After five years of dedicated work advancing packagi..
Established in 2005, JAMES WORLDWIDE is a prominent international NVOCC, freight forwarder, and comprehensive logistics company. With a mission of "Adding Value to Your Cargo," they bring innovation and operational expertise to create customized logistics solutions. Their global network spans Latin ..
JEJUDODA JDG Co., Ltd is a company that operates with a multi-faceted approach:Through circulation, the company exports premium products from Jeju Island to global markets while also focusing on domestic sales to establish itself as a global player.The company serves as a consulting platform, identi..
Korea Post Service Agency has remained unwavering in its commitment to public welfare for over three decades. Its journey began in 1986, a pivotal time when farmers faced the challenges of expanding domestic markets due to the opening of agricultural and fisheries product imports during the Uruguay ..
About NGL TransportationFull logistics service provider NGL Transportation has been in operation since 2006. It now offers support to multinational corporations that require services for freight forwarding, warehousing/distribution, drayage/trucking, and customized projects. With secure, individuali..
The world trade system stands as one of humanity's oldest industries, spanning hundreds of years. Given its parallel antiquity with the agricultural sector, cross-border trade persists in following traditional practices. Portlogics, however, aspires to usher in a new era. Their mission entails furni..
SOFT LANDERS specializes in facilitating global company relocations and individual migrations. The company offers cost-effective and top-tier services encompassing essential aspects required for international assignments, including moving, insurance, and visa support. SOFT LANDERS excels in simplify..
Taeyoung Industry Co., Ltd. has maintained an enduring partnership with its customers for more than four decades since its inception.The company boasts a substantial storage infrastructure, encompassing 110 liquid cargo storage tanks with a collective capacity of 260,000 KL, along with a SILO facili..
WOW Packing Company, a distinguished Master Distributor and importer, specializes in an extensive array of packaging and shipping solutions. Their diverse product range encompasses custom boxes, domestically produced stretch films, industrial seal tapes, poly mailers, custom folding boxes, bespoke p..
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