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Korea Sports Kolping
Kolping originated in 1983 as a purely domestic brand and has since grown into a first-class sports brand with the support of our loyal customers. Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with famous overseas brands. As we prepare for a second leap in the 21st century, Kolping will continue to fulfill i..
BOKYONG offers two biking models, POP-CYCLE-E and POP-CYCLE where the POP-CYCLE was designed for the bearing to follow up on the frame, rotate, and enable the sliding mechanism. You can slide the horizontal frame to adjust and find the best frame spacing that fits your body size.The POP-CYCLE-E incl..
Inssaphoto is a company specializing in the rental of a wide range of photobooths suitable for various occasions, including store promotions, parties, weddings, ID photos, and more...
Kwangnam G S K is a versatile company that has evolved and expanded its offerings since its inception. Established in 1946, the company initially focused on mold production and subsequently ventured into plastic injection, extrusion, aluminum die-casting casting, and more. With core competencies in ..
One Point Duo, also known as (주)원포인트듀오, is a forward-thinking company that fearlessly embraces dreams. They believe that challenges are stepping stones, even in the face of adversity. Just as every individual has a unique face that reflects their personality, the same holds true for buildings, shops..
Phigolf aims to help golfers of all levels improve their swing year-round with their industry-leading golf simulator. They are dedicated to providing accurate, real-time feedback and staying at the forefront of golf simulation technology.Since their launch in 2017, Phigolf has built a thriving commu..
RndUs Co., Ltd introduces a revolutionary rangefinder that offers both remarkable accuracy and an exceptional visual appeal, accompanied by state-of-the-art functionalities. This rangefinder is specially designed for golf enthusiasts.Under the brand CaddyTalk, the Minimi NR stands out as the epitome..
Rolling Seed is an Interactive Play Platform designed to facilitate play-based education, offering children not only joy but also knowledge and opportunities for bonding...
Sooangs, known for offering an array of stationery products, specializes in items for journaling. From stickers, journals, and journal pages to digital journaling tools, they are dedicated to helping customers infuse a touch of glamour into their daily lives...
Taegeuk World Sports Company is a company that produces, sells, and provides educational services by developing Taegeuk badminton, a new concept racket sport that utilizes both hands. Starting as a one-man sports company in 2018, they dedicated two years to product development, and successfully laun..
Woosoo Co., Ltd. has dedicated years to researching seamless technology and manufacturing seamless innerwear and stockings. Their commitment extends to ongoing efforts in developing innovative products that cater to the comfort and needs of individuals worldwide.During the challenging times of the c..
The World K-POP CENTER, located in Seoul's Namsan, is a prominent educational hub collaborating with leading entertainment agencies and broadcasters. With strong ties to the 'Seoul University of the Arts', it offers world-class programs globally. Backed by national bodies, it ensures reliability and..
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