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South Coast Plaza
Renowned as a leading international shopping destination, South Coast Plaza is home to more than 280 prominent boutiques and critically acclaimed restaurants, and is the center of a vibrant business, arts and residential district that includes the adjacent Segerstrom Center for the Arts and the new ..
Alpha Optron, an established company since 2012, introduced the "Foot Exfoliator" to the market in 2017. They began with the "Nail Shiner," a self-care beauty tool made of glass that incorporates semiconductor technology.Alpha Optron Co., Ltd. developed the Magic Nail Shiner and Magic Pedi Deodorize..
BBONUS is a well-established company known for its expertise in comfort products. With a strong emphasis on work-life balance and a genuine commitment to supporting healthcare professionals, BBONUS offers innovative solutions that enhance comfort and well-being. The company takes pride in delivering..
BOGWANG I&T Co., Ltd. strives to create a profound customer impression by dedicating itself to utmost customer satisfaction through exceptional products and services. Embracing a strategy of product diversification, the company proactively invests in the continuous advancement of innovative tech..
BYATT, a notable fashion company, is dedicated to modernizing traditional hanbok's elegance and pursuing high-quality lifestyle hanbok. Based in Paris, France, BYATT gained recognition for its participation in the '2022 Korean Festival,' where it presented a fashion show and donated hanboks to adopt..
DaOn TFG, established in 2000, is a company with over 20 years of experience in fashion jewelry manufacturing under the Mystere products. In 2019, they ventured into the medical device industry, introducing fashion medical devices that combine style and functionality. DaOn TFG is committed to provid..
Entra Jewelry Co., Ltd. stands as a regional export enterprise that has flourished since the inception of its metal complex in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, Korea. Over time, the company has expanded its reach to international markets, including the United States, Japan, Europe, Middle East, and the EU. Reno..
ETMOA emerged in 2021 as an eco-conscious recycling material company. The company's inception was rooted in recognizing the significant environmental and global pollution linked to leather production, prompting a deep commitment to identifying sustainable alternatives.Over a span of more than two ye..
Haesung International Co., Ltd., a Korean-based natural button manufacturer, has been operating for two decades. Over the years, the company has built strong partnerships with wholesalers, garment manufacturers, and domestic markets in Korea, Europe, and the USA.Haesung specializes in producing high..
HAHOUSE can be described as a comprehensive library that houses a diverse collection of stories, research, inspiration, and conversations. Operating under the ethos of a collaborative design studio, the intention is to curate an exhibition of innovative projects moving forward...
Established in 1988, ROMANSON has garnered significant recognition in the global watch industry, operating in over 70 countries worldwide. With a focus on exceptional quality and craftsmanship, ROMANSON has emerged as a leading player, consistently achieving growth and earning the trust of watch ent..
Since its establishment in 1984, KOAS Co., Ltd. has established itself as a prominent player in the domestic procurement market office furniture industry. The company has been dedicated to the development of innovative products, leveraging its extensive technological expertise and accumulated knowle..
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