The Korean American Chamber of Commerce USA (KACCUSA) is thrilled to announce the inauguration of Kyung Cheol Lee as the 29th President. The official ceremony took place on the 20th at the Atlanta Korean Community Center, where Mr. Lee assumed his role as the head of the esteemed organization.

Being a prominent figure in the Southeastern region, Mr. Lee has actively engaged in mainstream business operations. His consistent contributions to various organizations such as the Korean-American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia and KACCUSA have demonstrated his dedication and commitment to the community. 

In his farewell speech, former President Byung Goo Hwang expressed his hopes for KACCUSA to become the most remarkable economic organization in the United States. He also provided insights on the upcoming international event, the "World Korean Business Convention," which is set to be held for the first time overseas in Orange County, California, in October.

During his inaugural address, President Lee shared his aspirations, stating, "I will strive to achieve even greater accomplishments during my tenure, representing the aspirations of the 300,000 Korean-American businesses in the United States."

Congratulatory speeches were delivered by Consul General Seok Woo Kim from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Atlanta, Mark Jeff, President of the Korean American Chamber of Commerce New York, Sam Park, Majority Whip of the Democratic Party, Craig Newton, Mayor of Norcross, and Simon Hong Lee, President of the Korean-American Association of Greater Atlanta.

KACCUSA President Lee's term officially commenced in June and will last for two years. The Korean American Chamber of Commerce looks forward to an exciting and successful journey under his leadership. Together, they aim to strive for global achievements and foster the growth of Korean-American businesses.