In line with the goal of internationalizing the Korean Business Convention, starting this year, the convention will be held overseas once every two years, and the first historic host is the United States. For the past 20 years, the Korean government and local governments have provided the budget for the convention. However, since it is being held overseas this year, the private organizations, the Korean American Chamber of Commerce USA (KACCUSA) and the Korean American Chamber of Commerce Orange County, have to fundraise. And leading the frontline to solve this task is Kay Jun, the former president of the Korean-American Chamber of Commerce of Washington State.

Kay Jun, the chairman of the budget settlement committee of the 21st World Korean Business Convention Organizing Committee, consisting of chapter presidents of each regional chapter that makes up the KACCUSA, said, "Unexpected expenses have arisen during the preparation process for the convention, which is only five months away, and continuous fundraising is necessary." He emphasized that the organizing committee should focus on gathering the various tasks that it has been carrying out and bearing fruit. And in the remaining time, they need to focus on fundraising for a successful convention.

Chairman Kay Jun emphasizes that the key to the success of the convention, which is only five months away, is 'convention registration'. Since it is in the United States, not Korea, there may be hesitation, but there are advantages in being the first overseas event and being able to meet local companies directly. Recently, Korean companies entering the US market have been increasing geometric. In addition, Korean trade promotional agencies have held seminars for experts in each field, such as accounting and commercial real-estate for companies hoping to enter the US market.

Chairman Kay Jun and the organizing committee of the Korean Business Convention are informing Korean companies about these issues and trying to attract them. They have visited Korea several times to attract companies and have met with local governments, major and small companies, and relevant agencies, including Seoul.