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"2023 World Korean Business Convention"
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Over 100,000 attendees from Korea, the US, and elsewhere around the globe

Since 2002, the Overseas Koreans Foundation, an affiliate organization of the Korean Foreign Ministry,

has hosted the World Korean Business Convention in Korea.

The event is the largest business convention for Korean business leaders from around the world.


2023 World Korean Business Convention

Where K-Culture and  Bi-National Businesses come together for Leading innovation and trade.

A world class business conference that exhibits promising strategies to integrate business and culture.

The 2023 Convention, hosted for the first time in the USA, will offer bi-national business collaborations, investments, distributions, and partnership opportunities.


The 21st World Korean

Business Convention

How to join us !

The 21st World Korean Business Convention

Participate with tens of thousands of attendees and leaders from around the world to join this cultural-business exhibit!

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