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Day Star Global, a privately owned full-service Customs Broker and International Freight Forwarder, was founded with a vision and aspiration to establish a significant presence in the import and export industry. Day Star Global collaborates with businesses across the globe, offering innovative logis..
DeepVisions upholds the core principles of fairness and justice. Established in 2017, its aim is to positively impact all individuals who coexist on this precious planet through the application of AI technology.DeepVisions aspires to be a company that acknowledges the importance of utilizing and saf..
Depack Corporation is a beauty startup that was established in 2020. Based on the founder's personal experience with sensitive acne-prone skin while using existing skincare products, the company has developed acne patches and skincare products that effectively provide moisturization and soothing wit..
Elevate your beverage chilling experience with DIONY's cutting-edge game-changer. Expect swift cooling, unparalleled quality, energy efficiency, compact design, ease of use, and a platform to showcase your brand. Step into a realm of refreshing brilliance with DIONY...
DKI Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated technology development company specializing in digital healthcare, AI, IoT and security domains. With a wealth of successful development experience and unique technology, the company creates and provides professional solutions and service systems. Committed to..
Dkuscat is a renowned company known for its creation of award-winning products that revolutionize the process of kitty litter clean-up, minimizing both mess and odor. The product range includes the BASLock, UglyButScoop, Holder X, and illu SANDMAT, all meticulously designed to offer optimal function..
D&W Co., Ltd., formerly known as Anbang Co., Ltd., was established in 1999 by Chairman Kyu-Seok Kang, carrying forward the foundational ethos of Daewon Electric. The inception of Anbang Electric Grill aimed to address an overlooked issue: the lingering smell of smoke during cooking. In pursuit o..
Dongyang, a pioneering company in Korea, specializes in developing Airpumps for the Septic Tank and Aquarium markets. Since 2000, Dongyang has supplied its Airpump DY-Series to domestic and international markets, including the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, and the USA. Dongyang is known for its high..
Since its establishment in 1959, Dongsung has been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying essential chemical materials for various aspects of daily life, including automobiles, textiles, electronics, and medical care. With a foundation rooted in polyurethane technology, the company has cons..
Raonjay launched "Dr.Vracle" series on yr.2022, based on deep understanding of cosmetic ingredients and their efficacy, while handling various Cosmetic Ingredients for 10 years. "Dr.Vracle" has been recognized by consumers so that exported USD 80,000 at first year of entering to Vietnam mar..
Dream Chef, a kitchen supplies company established in 1999, specializes in producing a wide range of pots, pans, and other related products. With extensive experience and expertise in the field, the company aims to transform kitchens into not just cooking spaces but also happy living environments th..
DY Industrial, established in 1985, is a pioneering provider of innovative adhesive solutions for various industries. Specializing in hygiene, packaging, furniture, and tape markets, the company has become a trusted name for high-quality adhesives in Korea and beyond. With a focus on tailored soluti..
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