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NaOClean is a disinfectant generator developed by D&D Electronics for the first time in the world that generates NaOCl which is obtained by electrolyzing the tap water or ground water to which small amount of salts are added and sterilizes and disinfects bacteria in a short period time by using ..
"In March 2019, DABIDA Corp. (formerly GeniRobot Co., LTD) was established as an EdTech startup for future education in the 4th industrial revolution era.DABIDA combines various tools and unique technology necessary for education to provide a new learning experience, offering optimal customized solu..
DAEHAN SARANG, the embodiment of 'Love for Korea,' is a trailblazing historical and cultural movement organization. With a resolute commitment to rekindling lost roots and preserving the original cultural essence, they endeavor to establish the enduring pulse of Korean history. Their mission extends..
DAEKWANG F&G, a company driven by an unwavering enthusiasm for Kimchi for the past 25 years, prides itself on crafting Kimchi masterpieces that emanate from this deep-rooted passion. With a heartfelt dedication to the art of Kimchi production, the company extends its sincere gratitude to valued ..
Daesung Global (DSG) is at the forefront of the cosmetics industry, pioneering the creation of authentic customized cosmetics that cater to individual preferences and uniqueness through the integration of ICT (Internet Communication Technology) and BT (Bio Technology). DSG is recognized for its cont..
Daewon Corporation, a Total Living Solution Provider, is dedicated to supporting the successful operation of businesses across various sectors, including distribution, restaurants (ranging from Korean to Western, Chinese, and Japanese), cafes, hotels, large-scale catering services, and franchises. T..
We strive for a healthy life for humanity and contribute to the realization of social values by sharing warmth with the vulnerable. We will focus solely on the functionality of natural materials.In order to maximize the value of natural materials in their purest form, we have forsaken mass productio..
DailyCha-E Corporation is a manufacturer known for its vitamin multi-filter shower and kitchen filter faucet. The company has a strong commitment to providing healthy and clean water to humanity. Within a short period of time, DailyCha-E Corporation has successfully exported its products to several ..
Daknury specializes in crafting exquisite sculptures known as '닥종이인형' (paper dolls) that beautifully adorn the interiors of Korean cultural scenes. These meticulously designed paper doll sculptures pay homage to the rich heritage and artistic traditions of Korea. Each piece is a testament to the fus..
The company specializes in the production and sale of products using vegetables from Goheung, Jeollanam-do. Their major offerings include dried vegetables such as gondre, boogie, and chwi, as well as pickled vegetable pickles including gondre, windbreak, boogie, and chwi. They also provide processed..
DaOn TFG, established in 2000, is a company with over 20 years of experience in fashion jewelry manufacturing under the Mystere products. In 2019, they ventured into the medical device industry, introducing fashion medical devices that combine style and functionality. DaOn TFG is committed to provid..
DataStreams is an IT corporation that specializes in providing solutions and consulting services to address the challenges faced by companies dealing with large volumes of data. With their expertise and tools, DataStreams offers comprehensive diagnostics and strategic guidance to help businesses eff..
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