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Chungbuk Business Agency drives sustainable corporate competitiveness through personalized support. They facilitate SME growth via timely funding assistance and on-site services. Strengthening SMEs' domestic market capabilities and global supply chain responsiveness is a priority.The agency expands ..
CleanBio Co., Ltd., established in 2005, focuses on eco-friendly materials and products that enhance human life. Their research center houses skilled professionals dedicated to studying natural materials and developing mechanical devices for environmental and medical improvements. Notable offerings ..
Cledbel, a renowned Korean skincare company, is celebrated for its exceptional Gold Hydrogel Face Mask and groundbreaking Mooltok Super Hydrating Glow Cream. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Cledbel has earned widespread acclaim for its skincare and makeup products. The Powerlift V Makeu..
CNS company is a manufacturer specializing in ophthalmic optics integrated with AI technology, aspires to become a leading technology-oriented company. They achieve this goal through the development of a diverse range of products in areas such as medical, leisure sports, life safety, and special pur..
Coldwell Banker Best Realty, a Southern California real estate company, distinguishes itself through outstanding sales and listings performance. They rank among the top 7 percent of Coldwell Banker offices nationwide. What sets them apart are their exclusive services, strategies, and benefits, along..
Since its foundation in 1990, Conotec Co., Ltd has been supplying high-quality products across the country, including digital temperature controllers, digital humidity controllers, digital indicators, digital timers, digital panel meters, and various system developments. The company has also expande..
"CORNERS" is a visionary company driven by a steadfast commitment to empowering safety in workers' well-being, environmental preservation, and facility security. With an unwavering focus on growth and a positive mindset, "CORNERS" is dedicated to delivering safety intelligence on a global scale.Foun.., a subsidiary of Cruise Club USA and amember of CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), brings over 15 years of specialized expertise as a trusted cruise travel agency. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, offers competitive prices and aims to deliver an u..
Founded in 2007, CS Sharing has established itself as a prominent player in the customer support industry. With extensive outsourcing experience across various sectors, including credit cards, insurance, education, and electronics, the company has collaborated with over 100 major corporations. Drawi..
CSLEE is a leading company specializing in Big Data and AI solutions. With a strong foundation in data expertise and a wealth of diverse experiences, CSLEE offers a comprehensive range of services, from Big Data ISP to specialized Big Data analysis.One of CSLEE's flagship offerings is their cutting-..
CUS Co., Ltd. is a Korean company specializing in the development and manufacturing of eco-friendly electric vehicle chargers. With a 20-year track record, they have sold 27,000 chargers and operate 1,300 charging stations. Offering a complete lineup of chargers from 3.5kw to 350kw, CUS provides saf..
CW Korea Co., Ltd has specialized in fire extinguisher manufacturing since 1994, bringing 25 years of expertise to the production and supply of fire extinguisher cylinders, valves, and extinguishing agents. With 30 rounds of certification tests completed by 2018, the company demonstrates a commitmen..
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