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Since its foundation in 1980, Bumil Industrial Co., Ltd has been manufacturing Heating Plate for electric pressurized rice cooker, electric frying pan, and medical devices, as well as IH WorkCoil for IH range(Induction Heating Range) and rice cooker.With 42 years of experiences, Bumil Industrial Co...
BYATT, a notable fashion company, is dedicated to modernizing traditional hanbok's elegance and pursuing high-quality lifestyle hanbok. Based in Paris, France, BYATT gained recognition for its participation in the '2022 Korean Festival,' where it presented a fashion show and donated hanboks to adopt..
C&S DIGITEC CO., LTD. is a Korea-based company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and provision of digital cabinet locks. Their expertise lies in creating innovative solutions for securing personal belongings stored in private lockers found in various public places such as offices, ..
California Regency University stands as a private and global institution of higher education, specializing in certificate programs. Its foundation is rooted in the mission of catering to the comprehensive requirements of its students, aiming to empower them to contribute to the overall mental, spiri..
From its establishment in 2003 to the present day, DOB Beauty Lab has forged its distinctive identity through exhaustive research into DOB's exclusive hairstyles. Alongside this, the company has undertaken the development and manufacturing of products while addressing areas of improvement and bolste..
California Bridge Realty is a trusted Real Estate Professional team that values the trust placed in them by their clients as Buyers, Sellers, and investors. They consistently exceed client expectations in various real estate transactions, including Commercial, New Construction Sales, Residential re-..
CCLEMANG, in a world inundated with advertisements and information, understands the need for a unique perspective and professional marketing strategy to thrive in the competitive business landscape. They don't just seek customer satisfaction but aim to delight.With a team of versatile experts, CCLEM..
Cellbycell Co., Ltd. is dedicatedly pursuing the acquisition of cutting-edge technological competitiveness through strategic research and development, coupled with swift adaptability to the global market. The company holds certifications including ISO22716, ISO9001, and ISO14001, underscoring their ..
Challing Co., Ltd. is a renowned player in the kitchen knife industry, known for its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Since its inception, the company has consistently pursued the development and delivery of innovative, high-quality kitchen knives. Guided by the core tenets of 'Best Q..
Changwon Group has achieved substantial growth in 2022 by increasing the sales of its mid-sized companies. As a subsidiary of the group, they specialize in the production of a health functional food product called "Vitzenforte," which harnesses the power of pine tree extract. This venture has enable..
Cheonnyeonmeein Co., Ltd. is a company based in Gyeongju City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea, founded in 2014. With a specialization in incorporating Korean agricultural produce into their products, the company has established itself as a leading manufacturer and seller in this sector.Since 2015, Ch..
Chobless, derived from the fusion of 'cho' (vinegar) and 'bless,' embodies the idea of sharing the blessings of vinegar with everyone. This food tech start-up, Chobless, is dedicated to pioneering the field of fermented vinegar and innovative food development in harmony with contemporary lifestyles...
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