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Billeon Co., Ltd. is a company where individuals with shared dreams come together to fearlessly embark on challenges in order to realize those dreams. These endeavors, driven by the beliefs of its members, will lead to the company's growth as a trusted entity, earning lasting love and confidence fro..
BIOCERA is a distinguished company specializing in the production of ceramic balls and water filters. With a focus on innovative solutions for water purification, the company's ceramic ball technology is at the forefront of enhancing water quality. These ceramic balls are integral components of thei..
BioTen Co., Ltd. is a specialized biotechnology research and development company focused on the origination, development, and validation of soluble functional substances that enhance the absorption and duration of drugs, based on the evolving medical system.With accumulated technology since its esta..
BitGlim is a leading company offering an array of services for art and visual content. Their Content Management Service (CMS) enables remote management of display devices, along with a vast content library of over 40,000 digital artworks. BitGlim's AI Curation leverages advanced technology to recomm..
Bitsensing Inc. is an imaging radar technology company that is dedicated to creating safer smart cities and enhancing connected living. Through the creation of advanced radar AI solutions, the company is introducing a new standard of intelligence and dependability to the realm of smart living.Establ..
BK Energy (BKE) has specialized in on-land and floating solar power generation, licensing, permit, construction, operation and maintenance. In particular, our patented rotation technology and solutions for the floating PV systems have significantly contributed to improving the efficiency of solar po..
Bluereo Co., Ltd is driven by a powerful ethos centered on considering others and their unique needs. This philosophy fuels their innovative spirit, inspiring them to create unprecedented solutions. The company's journey began with a simple idea that blossomed into something profound.Their inspirati..
BOGWANG I&T Co., Ltd. strives to create a profound customer impression by dedicating itself to utmost customer satisfaction through exceptional products and services. Embracing a strategy of product diversification, the company proactively invests in the continuous advancement of innovative tech..
BOKYONG offers two biking models, POP-CYCLE-E and POP-CYCLE where the POP-CYCLE was designed for the bearing to follow up on the frame, rotate, and enable the sliding mechanism. You can slide the horizontal frame to adjust and find the best frame spacing that fits your body size.The POP-CYCLE-E incl..
"Brick-O" is a brand dedicated to supporting mothers in their parenting journey. With a focus on understanding the challenges faced by moms, the brand creates products that offer comfort and ease. Their items are designed to stay by the side of mothers and babies, providing a source of joy and relax..
Brownbag, a coffee tech startup, revolutionizes the $15 trillion coffee market by digitalizing and offering personalized subscriptions for Korean coffee lovers. Their brands, like "Brownbag Coffee" for whole bean coffee and "Bliss" for office coffee subscriptions, cater to diverse customer needs. Ad..
Buheung Medical Co., Ltd. is a well-known medical and health equipment manufacturer, recognized for its professionalism and dedication to improving human well-being. Established in December 1980, the company has been committed to promoting a healthy and happy life for individuals.Driven by this visi..
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