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12CM stands as a pioneering force in the global market, leading the way as a premier Online to Offline (O2O) and Fintech technology provider. Leveraging the groundbreaking Echoss Platform, the company empowers a diverse range of commerce and marketing service models.At the core of 12CM's innovation ..
3H has developed the world's first and only acupoint acupressure thermal bed to address the primary concern of modern individuals—the health of their bed and spine acupuncture points. By combining acupoint acupressure and thermal therapy, the bed offers a unique solution to enhance overall well-bein..
4OURSKIN, the company behind TUPS products, is committed to making a positive impact. They operate a skin care support campaign catering to the socially vulnerable, while also playing an active role in education and employment initiatives.The hallmark of TUPS products lies in their dedication to saf..
A Virtual, founded by CEO Tae-jun in 2020, is a specialized company that focuses on air sterilization platforms utilizing nano materials. With a clear aim to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, A Virtual swiftly introduced air sterilization products to the market. Since then, the ..
Add Able is a domestic respiratory medical device startup that specializes in providing data-based customized respiratory rehabilitation solutions. In their commitment to addressing societal challenges in the fields of rehabilitation and medical care, Add Able seeks collective growth while developin..
Adsland Co. is a company that has swiftly responded to the global spread of Korean popular culture, including K-Pop, dramas, and movies. With a keen understanding of the rising interest in K-culture and the growing demand for K-goods, Adsland Co. has expanded its campus and made bold investments in ..
AirLab is a pioneering company led by CEO Lee Hyo Kwang, committed to enhancing daily well-being through innovative solutions. With its roots tracing back to 2003, the company's origin lies in addressing discomfort experienced during daily subway commutes. This led to the creation of the "NOSE CLEAN..
AIZEN is a leading fintech company that is revolutionizing financial services in Vietnam and Indonesia through its AI-based banking-as-a-service platform. As the only Korean fintech company recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as a trustworthy AI company, AIZEN is driving innovati..
In pursuit of improved products and services, Aju Cosmetic Co., Ltd. has harnessed advanced technologies and materials while maintaining a steady investment in research and development initiatives.With a steadfast commitment to benefit both humanity and the environment, the company envisions sustain..
Punggi Aesam is a premium red ginseng brand with a difference from other red ginseng brands, such as brand story, package design, Bogagi art wrapping, etc.The first promise that Punggi Aesam makes to customers is to follow strict principles for ginseng, the most important raw material in red ginseng..
Alpha Co., Ltd was established in 1971 and now is the No.1 stationery and living supplies franchising company in Korea with the history of 53 years. Alpha distributes the highest quality products to about 750 franchise stores and exports many countries. Alpha will be the center of stationery industr..
Alpha Optron, an established company since 2012, introduced the "Foot Exfoliator" to the market in 2017. They began with the "Nail Shiner," a self-care beauty tool made of glass that incorporates semiconductor technology.Alpha Optron Co., Ltd. developed the Magic Nail Shiner and Magic Pedi Deodorize..
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